Friday, March 30, 2007

Events from 3/30 to 4/5/2007

I mixed up one thing last week. The Hideout birthday party is this Sat, not last Sat. But it is still my favorite.

We've got some interesting events this week: GMP and 7 Year Itch Party (even though I hate Utilikilts). Also Andrew reports from Bangkok and recommends Chicks On Speed.

Friday, 3/30
7:00 PM Seattle Spring Slideluck @ Annex Gallery
9:00 PM Chicks On Speed in Bangkok

Saturday, 3/31
9:00 AM FAC Rummage sale 3/31 & 4/1
10:00 AM 2007 Emerald City ComiCon
1:30 PM Intimate Human @ Hedreen Gallery
4:00 PM Rat City Rollergirls
6:00 PM Spy Audio/Visual III "Spy Vs Spy"
8:00 PM? The Hideout Turns Two
8:00 PM 7 Year Itch Utilikilts Party
9:00 PM Dodge and Burn @ The Baltic Room
9:00 PM GMP #29 - Science-Fiction Double-Feature!

Sunday 4/1
4:00 PM Rebecca Solnit @ Henry
8:00 PM The French Project at The Jewel Box Theater
9:00 PM Theresa the Cocktail Fairy's birthday

Thursday, 4/5
5:00 PM Tussle in Shorthand @ Punch Gallery

Friday, 3/30

Seattle Spring Slideluck @ Annex Gallery

Hey everyone, the Seattle Spring Slideluck is finally here! We have a
great slideshow lined up for you. The evening's theme is Laughter and

FRIDAY, MARCH 30 at Annex Gallery.

Annex Gallery is located at 517 Aloha ST, lower Queen Anne, a few
blocks north of EMP. Owner Ric Peterson has graciously donated the
space for the evening. There is plenty of room for all so invite your

Parking may prove challenging. There is limited street parking in
Queen Anne on a Friday night, so carpool, take the bus (the 1, 2, 3,
8, 74 should all get you relatively close) or park at Seattle Center.


Don't forget about the potluck part! Bring something tasty to eat and
a bottle of wine to share.

I look forward to seeing all your faces,

If you haven’t seen the article in the Arts section of Tuesday’s New York Times:

Chicks On Speed in Bangkok

Party Volcano's Chief Discipline Officer (retired), checks in from Bangkok, Thailand:

Hello, PV readers. If you happen to be in Bangkok this Friday, I have the event for you. Alex Murray-Leslie from Chicks on Speed will be spinning at the new Club Culture.

Chicks on Speed? Who are they? I really have no idea. Apparently a Berlin based electronica group.

But Dudesweet is co-sponsoring the event and that's recommendation enough. Dudesweet is a bunch of Thai guys who have become semi-famous for throwing great underground parties in Bangkok. You're not likely to see many farung (foreigners) at Dudesweet events, just lots of hip Thais partying down.

Recommending this to PV readers makes me think about the time years ago when I hung out with PV's CEO Bernd in Bangkok. One evening Bernd joined me on a first meeting with a lovely girl I met through (In Thai culture it's perfectly acceptable to have a first "date" involve other friends.) Sade was her name and she was a producer for a couple of popular Thai television shows. She was lovely, charming, smart, and possessed a wicked sense of humor. I was so into her, except for one thing: she was a man.

Katoey, or lady boys, are transvestites / transsexuals (ranging from pre to post-op) and are very accepted in Thai culture. In fact, it's so accepted it's really a non-issue. You might walk into a pharmacy and the clerk behind the counter is a katoey or the lovely waitress at the restaurant or the teller at the bank or, in Sade's case, the producer of a hit television show. No one even blinks an eye. And in that sense Sade wasn't "lying" to me about her situation--she was really living as a woman. Very charming. I never "hooked-up" with Sade, but in the gracious manner so typical of Thais, intial possible interest gently morphed into a lovely friendship.

More info on the Event:
Club Culture location:
Dudesweet's MySpace page:
Dudesweet's party photos:
One of the many outstanding medical facilities for sex reassignment surgery in Bangkok:

Saturday, 3/24

FAC Rummage sale 3/31 & 4/1

FAC probably stands for Fremont Arts Council. I got this from Michelle Bates:

9-4 at the Powerhouse - 3940 Fremont Ave. Tons of great stuff - support the parade!

2007 Emerald City ComiCon

After all the guests, all the announcements, all the exclusives, the
time is finally here - this weekend (March 31st & April 1st) is the
Fifth Annual Emerald City ComiCon!

This will be the last update unless something major goes down, so
let's get to it!

Emerald City will be the one place to pick up an exclusive variant of
the SOLD OUT Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1 with a new cover
by Arthur Suydam. You'll find these at the Emerald City ComiCon booth

Speaking of the ECCC booth, swing by there to check out two BRAND NEW
convention t-shirts, prints and much more!

The HERO Initiative and ECCC are giving you a chance to win lunch and
a sketch with Tim Sale:

The CBLDF has announced that Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise) will
be the special guest for the sketch duel happening at 1:30 on

Self proclaimed "geek" and Wizards of the Coast fan MC Chris will
perform this Friday, March 30, at Chop Suey, during a special WotC
sponsored concert beginning at 5pm. Emerald City ComiCon attendees
are encouraged to attend to help kick off the weekend activities.
Bringing a WotC Magic card, D&D mini or other WotC merchandise, will
get the first 100 people with WotC merchandise an admission discount
of $5 (cost of the concert pre discount $10). Chop Suey is located at
1325 E. Madison, Seattle, WA 98122, 206.324.8000.

Speaking of Wizards of the Coast, Gaming is off the hook this year as
we're pleased to announce that Cardhaus Games is the proud gaming
sponsor of Emerald City ComiCon:

* Magic The Gathering - Win a play set of the ultra hot "Damnation"
card from Planar Chaos
* HeroClix - Win a "Fin Fang Foom" figure at the HeroClix tournament
* Star Wars - The grand prize is an ENTIRE CASE of the out of print
set "Clone Strike"
* Plus, all day Saturday we are holding demos of the Upper
Deck "World of Warcraft: The Trading Card Game"

We're also happy to announce the Grand Prize for the ECCC Costume

Best In Show will win 4 tickets to opening night of Edward
Scissorhands, including an exclusive preshow reception and post show
Cast party - a total value of $375.00! Other category top prizes will
include pairs of tickets to Edward Scissorhands, each valued at $125

While we're on the topic of costumes, don't forget to check out booth
#230 where, in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, you
will be able to take pictures with a multitude of Star Wars

Plus, even more guests have been added:

(creator/writer/ artist of Hate, Apocalypse Nerd)

(creator/writer/ artist of Shadowhawk, Drawing From Life)

(artist of Beasts & Priests, Filthy Beasts)

(artist of I Love Led Zeppelin, Monkey Food)

(creator/writer/ artist of King City)

(writer of Hopeless Savages, JSA Classified, Outsiders)

(artist of Civil War The Initiative, Top Cow/Marvel)

Don't forget, avoid the huge ticket line and get your tickets now
from Ticketmaster or selected comic book stores.

And there it is, the 2007 Emerald City ComiCon, hope to see you there
this weekend!

Jim Demonakos
Emerald City ComiCon

2007 Emerald City ComiCon
Date: Saturday March 31, 2007
Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Location: Qwest Field Event Center

Intimate Human @ Hedreen Gallery

Greg writes:

Dear Friends,

I've been criticized for not giving photography due credit. Once, someone started a rumor that I said photography was not even an art form. Of course I sued them and won. But in the age of digital cameras and, there certainly are a lot of photographers out there and the ability to shine in the blitz of flashes becomes harder and harder. A beautiful photograph will always capture my attention for a moment, but the act of expression, the power of an honest lens- somehow manages to live in a world above airbrushed fashion spreads and exotic landscapes. I am smitten by the world of concepts and ideas. And when a photographer can turn a still image into a voice box, turn a series into an orchestra, it knocks me down.

There is a show opening tomorrow night (Thursday) that I am compelled to tell you about.

Two photographers, Mel Erice and Jon Huck, present their exploration of portraiture in a way that is so simple, so compelling, that each work becomes a mirror, a reflection, a conversation, a question. It makes you smile while waving your finger in the air, head cocked sideways, looking for an answer.

You should see it. Simple as that.


EXHIBIT: Intimate Human
ARTIST: Mel Erice & Jon Huck
MEDIUM: Photography
OPENING: Thursday March 29th 5-8pm
RUN OF SHOW: March 29 – May 24, 2007

GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday – Saturday 1:30-6:00pm
ADMISSION: open to the public, always free
LOCATION: Seattle University Lee Center for the Arts
901 12th Avenue (at 12th & Marion)
FOR MORE INFO CALL: 206.296.2244

Rat City Rollergirls

Keep on bouting in the free world

It seems like just yesterday that the Rat City Rollergirls were turning the Everett Events Center upside down with their fast pace, fierce hitting, amazing comebacks and sister-versus-sister deathmatches. But that wasn't yesterday, that was last month! And a new month means a new Rat City Rollergirl Women's Flat Track Rollerderby THROW DOWN!

We'll be back at our beloved Hangar 27 for Season 3, Bout 2 on Saturday, March 31, where RCRG fans will behold the first of our out-of-town visitors this season -- an all-star team from New Mexico's Duke City Derby. Duke City's "Muñecas Muertas" will roll against the Sockit Wenches. And, in a battle hotter than Hell and more intimidating than Jupiter's angry red eye, fiery Grave Danger will take on the intergalactic Throttle Rockets. (Derby Liberation Front, meanwhile, will be enjoying a revolutionary bye this month -- now's your chance to actually see them holding still. Buy them a drink, shake their hands, snap a photo!)

RCRG is proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from this bout to Domestic Abuse Women's Network (DAWN), which has provided culturally competent supportive services to victims of domestic violence since 1980. To learn more about DAWN, go to

Rat City Rollergirls Season 3 - Bout 2
Saturday, March 31, 2007
Place: Magnuson Park, Hangar 27
Time: Doors @ 4:00 PM, Bout at 5:30 PM

Spy Audio/Visual III "Spy Vs Spy"

Spy Audio/Visual Presents "Spy Vs Spy"

Highlights include a special LIVE electronic music showcase featuring
Theory in Motion, Jacob London, HeavyLight and Wunderbugg.

Selections of visual artist Michael Stevenson's urban arcylics are on
display, the dark and sexy photography of local artist Becky Woodward,
and new creations from sculptor and Spy favorite Sven Peterson.

Girl Trouble Burlesque performs their newest show "Spy Vs Spy".

Seattle's only goth/experimental bellydance troupe, Hands of Kali,
gives their first SPY performance. Much anticipated after the solo
performance last month from founder Kendra Schmidt.

Spy Vs Spy!
Local DJs DANGER and Love Virus host the Spy edition of Heaven and
Hell. Love Virus hosts heaven in the upper studio with Mendicants,
Ramiro, Ben Shelton, Jisaan, Dj Sloth, Noisemaker and Von Dewey.
In Hell: novaTRON, OMG, TM Anderson, DJ ILL, DANGER, DJ Krass, and
DJ Psyop.

Saturday March 31 6pm to 5am
Little Red Studio
1506 Franklin Ave. E.
Seattle WA 98102

Two bars, three rooms, two secret hideaways and an outdoor
mulit-tiered deck with bonfires.
Tickets: Presale $8 Door $15 Afterhours $5
Presale tickets available at
Spy sites:

The Hideout Turns Two

I walked into the Hideout tonight just to have an afterwork drink. A quick one. I had lots to do. Lucia was having her 40th birthday party against the settee. She had a Calvados Cocktail, served up. It looked great. Wier Harman was to my left. An art history professor held court in the corner with fifteen or so of his students, talking shop, settled into the couches, drinks in hand. A girl read a book in the corner.

The room was dark. I sat down. Ordered a beer. Unlocked the submission box for the Vital 5 Review and flattened out the thirty or so pages of drawings and short stories. The top drawing is a great pen and ink by Rick Klu. The illustration shows a coin-operated electric chair. I settle into a beer and flip through the confessions, the late night thoughts. One page has the words- Someday someone may ask me... "Do you remember when it was now?"

The front door opens, an extremely large, bright orange unbrella, pokes its head in, slowly opens and spins clockwise. A man in an orange jumpsuit walks in. His face is painted orange, his hair is orange. He has orange feathers in his hair. His smile is wide. Ben Beres. No special occasion, really. A cute girl in black and white strips walks in behind him. It's costume, I think. She doesn't speak- is she a mime? No. Her smile is wide. It is happy hour.

An old friend walks in. Iggy Pop is on the jukebox. I order another beer. A man in a powder blue tuxedo walks in. Another couple. I don't know them. Jeff Scott, my business partner, walks in wearing the official Hideout soccer jersey. Game starts in a half hour. Who would have thought we'd have a soccer team?

Deborah, my girlfriend, sits in the corner. Celebrating with the birthday girl. Drinking Lillet Blanc. She's a slow sipper. It will take her an hour to finish it. She just finished the new hideout website ( and this one is on the house. This one and the next 300. Barter.

Our neighborhood old-timer Don walks in. Goodyear hat, leather jacket, sarcastic, honest, thrifty tipper. He's consistent. I hear a conversation about the landscape design at the Olympic Sculpture Park. I did not know that the plant life was organized by the rise in geography to reflect the vegetation between the ocean and the Olympic mountains. The girl reading her book leaves. Another couple walks in. Someone orders Thai food from next door. Joe and Sasha sit down at the bar. The fresh flowers are holding out.

I ask the bartender, Justin, for a spiral bound book containing the art and music at the Hideout. I grab a ball point pen and mark sold next to Scott Foldesi, next to Chris Vena. A vertical bar of light sneaks past the velvet curtain, red lights swirling. No disco party. The sirens of First Hill. Sympathy for The Devil plays over the speakers. I stand up, pat a few shoulders on my way out. I've been here for years, decades, minutes, for the very first time.

On March 24th, the Hideout turns two.
March 25th through the 30th we will cleans our livers, exercise, eat right, and scavenge a nice party outfit. We will breath deeply.
On Saturday March 31st, we will throw our anniversary party.

Please join up as we celebrate two very strange and exciting years on First Hill.
Oh. And look at the website, it really is quite nice.

Any questions or comments?
We'd love to hear from you.


Greg Lundgren

C. 206.240.6365
M. POB 23385 Seattle, WA 98102

7 Year Itch Utilikilts Party

The rumors you've been hearing are true: Utilikilts will be throwing a
7 Year Itch Party on March 31, 2007.Not only will this party be to
celebrate each and every person who supported us in our first 7 years,
but it will also help to usher us into a new era. It will serve as the
official grand opening of our Pioneer Square Flagship Store, our
adventures into wholesale, and our dedication to taking our company to
the next level while still embracing our original ethos and staying
true to our values.

First and foremost, you are invited to attend!Please, bring
yourselves, your families, and your friends, and join us for food and
drinks (adult and otherwise), live bands, DJs, burlesque dancers, fire
performers, NANDA the amazing acrobaticalists, the Fellini-esque chaos
of the MarchFourth Marching Band, circus performers, Freaks, Geeks, a
stripper clown who also does balloon animals (for real!), and all the
magical mayhem that we can cook up.This is the Big One, the Real
Deal, the Party to Put All Parties to Shame, and it won't be the same
if you're not there.This is a fantastic opportunity for you to
involve your friends and family in that which you spend much of your
time, and we want to see them there to give you the credit you deserve
in making our company an absolutely amazing place to be. The company
also wants to take this opportunity to give back to you and yours by
involving you all in a night of mischievous nearly-criminal
rambunctious roaring good times...this is our gift to you, and anyone
you'd like to share it with.

The party will be held in both our current buildings, as well as
(hopefully) the Pioneer Square Triangle, from 8p until 1a (or later!)
on Saturday March 31.

This is the biggest thing to happen to us in a long time,fora long
time, and you will be very missed if you are unable to attend.Please
RSVP and me know whether or not you will be able to make it.(oh, and
start think of anyone you'd personally like to invite:as soon as we
have the invite created, we'll be passing it on to you to pass out, so
start a list!)

Not only do we want you to attend, but we want to know if you have any
brilliant ideas for performers, artists, or other folks who might want
to contribute to this Raucous Pirate Circus we've you know
any cool burlesque fire dancers?Stilt walkers who juggle sharp
objects?Painters who want to do a series of abstract kilt art to be
displayed at our party?Let me know, give me names!If you have
personal contacts with anyone in the dark subversive arts community,
please, hook us up.We've got a pretty substantial list running, but
we want this place to be FILLED with performers, presentations, and
projects. Please drop any names and contact info into an email and send
it to me, the sooner the better, of course!

Finally, there's a googolplex of logistics that will go into this
party:from security to safety, tables to trapezes, invites to
insights, lights to locks, setup, cleanup, and everything in
between.If you would like to be a part of the organization to make
this party the best thing that's happened to us yet, send an email to
contact me immediately, and list any specific areas you'd like to be
involved with, as well as what kind of time you can commit to.We're
aware that we need as many people as possible to help make this party a
smashing success, and we'd love to have all of you involved.

We look forward to hearing from you all, and if you have any questions,
please don't hesitate to ask.

Read the newsletter for more details about the party.


Cap'nNathan Salmon

Events & Wholesale Pirate
Utiilkilts Company, LLC
117 Occidental Ave South
Seattle, WA 98104
t 206.282.0322 | 206.859.5097 f

Pioneer Square Triangle, from 8p until 1a (or later!)
on Saturday March 31.

Dodge and Burn @ The Baltic Room

Damion writes:

This friday Dodge and Burn, a new collabo project coming from the BLVD
Gallery, Gummi Studio, and indy curator Alyssa Rhodes, is having a
party to celebrate the launch of the first phase in a bid for global
domination. There will be live painting by Robert Hardgrave, Parskid,
Stoopy Booshy, and Sam Sneke. It also happens to be the birthday of
Damion Hayes, Director of BLVD so of course he'll be playing rekkids
early in the night.
The party starts at 9pm and is $5 at the door.

Friday March 30
at the Baltic Room
1207 pine street.
for more info:


9pm – 4am

I am opening for Sound Tribe Sector 9 playing their Laptop Live PA this Saturday at The Fenix in Seattle. This should be a very well attended show where I will infiltrate the Jam Band scene with a taste of some deeper progressive and psychedelic dub. Advance tickets are 25% off so check the following address for cheaper tickets:

Get Tickets Here:

Here is some additional info from the promoters:

The Celestial Phool the third installment of the ChromeToast, is shinier and tastier than ever. Help us celebrate the inner Phool in us all. Featuring:

1320 Records, Live PA Featuring STS9s',David Murphy, Hunter Brown & Zach Velmer
ARC Project (3 piece live PA, live painting and stage show)
The Phurst Church of Phun (a participatory live action art Experience)
Osiris Indriya (DJ set, Oracle Gatherings, Iboga Records)
Obsidian Moon (Live fire, UV and performance art)
Innermissions (Video Art Show)
The Stranger Rearranger (Participtory Photo Art Installation)
and much more....

Phoolish Attire encouraged and possibly rewarded!

Chrome Toast
18+ with 21+ Bars
$15 advance / $20 door
@ The Fenix
1700 1st Ave. S.
Seattle, WA

More info:

GMP #29 - Science-Fiction Double-Feature!

Hey Guerrillas!

This Saturday, March 31st is the next Guerrilla Masquerade Party - Science-Fiction Double-Feature! So we hope you haven't run out of aluminum foil yet for that Robot costume...

And where, you ask, will our menagerie of mutants and monsters, aliens and astronauts be invading? As promised, we've selected two locations in fitting with the 'Double-Feature' theme. And we tried to make them as different from one another as possible - like a B-Movie followed by a Feature.

At 9pm, we'll descend on the corner of 15th Ave and NW Market Street in Historic Ballard, invading our 'B-Movie' - the bar at Denny's. Yes, Denny's. No, seriously, Denny's. It's suprisingly big, freakishly well lit, and a great place for us to meet up, have a drink or two, check out each other's costumes, and get ready for phase 2.

At 11pm, we'll move, en masse, to our second location. Just a few blocks up Market Street and around the corner on Ballard Avenue, the entire horde of us will enter our 'Feature' - the BalMar - a classy joint with pool tables, two floors, & leather seating.

(BalMar will be our final destination for the evening, unless anyone has a hankering for Moons over My Hammy and wants to return to Denny's.)

The Ballard Denny's is located at 5501 15th Ave NW, at NW Market St
BalMar is located at 5449 Ballard Ave NW, just off NW Market St

Although we wouldn't dare tell you creative kooks what to drink, might we suggest something with Blue Curacao or Midori to make our drinks a little 'otherworldly' , too? Maybe a Blue Hawaiian or a Midori Sour? Maybe bring some dry ice to make them bubble and smoke? (Safely, of course)

We also wanted to let you know that Saturday happens to be the first day of the Emerald City Comicon, and at 6pm they're holding a Costume Contest that includes the category Best Star Wars Costume. We thought some of you might be interested - though we hope you don't wear yourselves out at the Con!

See you Saturday night! Until then, I'll leave you with this quote from The Borg that seems appropriate for GMP (if you replace the words 'the Borg' with 'GMP', 'shields' with 'inhibitions' , and 'ships' with 'drinks'):

"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. "

dirty bunny
Guerrilla Masquerade Party

9pm: corner of 15th Ave and NW Market St.
11pm: BalMar at 5449 Ballard Ave NW, just off NW Market St

Sunday 4/1

Rebecca Solnit @ Henry

Framing the View: Rebecca Solnit - Sunday, April 1, 4PM

Rebecca Solnit. Photo: Jude Mooney

Framing the View: Rebecca Solnit

Rebecca Solnit has long been interested in questions of speed and slowness. Her 2000 book Wanderlust: A History of Walking considered the world at three miles an hour; her award-winning 2003 River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West looked at the acceleration of everyday life and the role of railroads, photographs, and other Victorian technologies in transforming both perception and the surface of the earth; and her 2004 Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities examined a number of important changes—in environmental consciousness, in women’s status, in race politics—over the past half century that have been overlooked by those who fail to see and think in decades rather than weeks.
Also interested in the vexing question of how long it takes to see a work of visual art, Solnit will present a new talk that explores a number of aspects of speed and slowness in politics and consciousness today.

Henry Art Gallery
Revolutions Per Minute: Radical Change and the Powers of Slowness
$10 Henry Members / $12 General
Space is limited. To purchase tickets, call 206.616.9894

The French Project at The Jewel Box Theater


The French Project (TFP) presents a one-night musical cabaret extravaganza of songs in the language of love at Re-bar - Sunday - Monday, April 1 - 2, 2007 at 8pm. TFP plays music ranging from the sleazy charm of Serge Gainsbourg and Johnny Hallyday to the off-beat nostalgia of Joe Jackson and Dolly Parton -- all rendered 'completement en français' (in French). TFP features musicians Erin Jorgensen (marimba, accordion, vocals), Charles Smith (autoharp, hammered dulcimer, vocals), Sara Edwards (vocals, guitar), Basil Harris (emcee, bass, vocals), and special guest Kirk Anderson (drums, vocals, former French major).

TFP was formed in 2005 by Seattle-based punk-rock marimbist Erin Jorgensen, who opened for Built to Spill's West Coast Tour last summer. She will also be performing new marimba work at OtB's NWNW Festival this June.
Jorgensen, Edwards and Smith are not French, and met at On the Boards (Seattle) where they work. Harris and Anderson are locally famous for their diverse talents in "Awesome" the band.


What: An evening of cabaret and music by The French Project (Erin Jorgensen, Charles Smith, Sara Edwards, Basil Harris and special guest Kirk Anderson)
Where: RENDEZVOUS Jewelbox Theater 2322 2nd Avenue, Belltown, Seattle
When: Sunday - Monday, April 1 - 2, 2007 at 8pm
Cost: $10

More info at:
or myspace:

Theresa the Cocktail Fairy's birthday

Theresa Collins, AKA the Cocktail Fairy, AKA Dust
Bunny, AKA Tatriel, is having a birthday and she
would like to celebrate it at Zen Circus on April 1st:

Please come celebrate my 36th Birthday with me,
on April 1st 2007 at ZEN CIRCUS.Ill be your
bartender.. I finally get to do a theme night !!
COSTUMES! The theme is "Multi verse of FOOLS" be
one of your altar egos. This translates into
...Dress however you desire as long as you
consider it to be one of your inner
personalities! Anything Goes..FULL costume
encouraged..and is in Fact my birthday wish..a
room full of creatures of all kinds!

I will be making chocolate Divinity
cake..Because..THERE MUST BE CAKE!! Also ,in
addition to my kava kava elixir drinks...I will
be making an additional brew..of various exotic
herbs.. That will surly create a frisky vibe! Come play!!!

I have a birthday wish list..for performers too..
I wish to see flying creatures.
stiltwalking creatures
human puppets
erotic acrobalancing.
FIRe creatures...especially fire fae..
belly dancers..
Modern DANCERS..
and fools..yes Fools BRings all the fools..In Honor of APRIL 1st.

Love and light to You all..

@ Buddha Thai & Bar
2222 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA

Thursday, 4/5

Tussle in Shorthand @ Punch Gallery

Tussle in Shorthand
Curated by Yoko Ott
Opening Reception:
Thursday, April 5, 2007, 5-8 pm
April 5 - 29

The exhibition Tussle in Shorthand presents a selection of projected and single-channel DVD works by artists who employ mechanisms that assist them in interpreting or coping with their physical or psychological environments. Through extreme bodily gestures, nasty mind games, humor, and fantasy, the works present a truncated language for struggle, a makeshift manner for managing, and a system of communication articulated with visual fluency.

This exhibition, curated by Yoko Ott, features artists, Meiro Koizumi, Shawn Patrick Landis, Raul Ortega Ayala, and Hugh Walton.

PUNCH Gallery
Hours: Noon-5pm, Fri-Sun
Or by appointment:
119 Prefontaine Place S.
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 621-1945

Friday, March 23, 2007

Events from 3/23 to 3/29/2007

Lots of events this week. My favorite is the Hideout's birthday party on Sat.
Let me also point out a good site for events in Seattle:

Friday, 3/23
6:00 PM Coupling V @ Ouch My Eye
10:00 PM Electric Avenue @ CHAC Lower Level

Saturday, 3/24
3:00 PM Eileen Myles: Everything Is Not Enough @ Henry Art Gallery
5:00 PM The Art of Jim Woodring @ Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery
6:00 PM Brides of March
7:30 PM BEFORE IT HITS HOME @ Rainier Valley Cultural Center
8:00 PM? The Hideout Turns Two

Tuesday, 3/27
7:00 PM Artreach Art Party

Thursday, 3/29
8:00 PM breakneck dance @ On the Boards

Friday, 3/23

Coupling V @ Ouch My Eye
Hey All,

The Stranger Suggest you come down and see some great work at Ouch My Eye…
Please Join us for the Fifth Annual Show and Silent Auction
Of course, it’s always a party here at Ouch and I look forward to seeing you…
Don't worry...We'll be open well past midnight...Stop by and check it out!

Please Join us for the Fifth Annual StrangeCo. Coupling Show and Silent Auction on March 23rd
StrangeCo. culminates its efforts through a collaborative art project pairing students with local artists. This project, entitled Coupling, encourages artists on both sides to explore materials and perspectives outside their regular art practices and to intimately experience the collaborative process. StrangeCo. fosters an essential ongoing dialogue between UW students, practicing artists, art supporters, and other groups and individuals involved in the local art community.
Opening Reception:
Friday, March 23rd 6pm - 2am
March 23rd - March 31st
1022 1st Avenue South
Seattle WA 98134

Electric Avenue @ CHAC Lower Level
Electric Avenue @ CHAC Lower Level

Hi Friends!

First off, thank-you soooooo much for celebrating our 4th annual "My Bloody Valentine is Shameless' party with us last month. Gratitude also goes out to the Rebar, Space Virgins, the performers, and everyone else that pitched in to help make it go off. Check out the pics and video if you haven't already.
Also, if you liked 'Drop the Lime', just wait until you hear what we have in store for May at Chop Suey.
In the meantime, check out to find out about our upcoming events. Or, just scroll below and click on some of the links. Hopefully, we'll see you bRaving on a dancefloor soon.
This week, dubstep/grime/breaks with DJs Struggle, Dopelabs & Loki

Saturday, 3/24

Eileen Myles: Everything Is Not Enough @ Henry Art Gallery
Eileen Myles: Everything Is Not Enough Saturday, March 24, 3PM

Eileen Myles has always balanced the image of the lone troubadour and the essence of community in her approach to writing, criticism, and life. From being dubbed “the last of the New York School poets” to being the Director of the St. Mark’s Place Poetry Project to traveling America with punk lesbian spoken word troupe Sister Spit, Myles has spanned many artistic and literary circles and connected disparate scenes.
Her latest book is Sorry,Tree just released from Wave Books. Sexy, cool and uncompromising—it secures Myles' eminence as one of America's most fearless poets. For her talk at the Henry Art Gallery, Myles will deliver a talk on the various communities she has been part of and the intersection of art and literature in these scenes and her practice. To be followed by a conversation with writer and critic Nate Lippens.
Henry Art Gallery, 3 PM.
Henry Members FREE / $5 General

The Art of Jim Woodring @ Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery
Dear friends,

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery is pleased to present the visionary
work of internationally recognized Seattle-based artist Jim Woodring.
"Seeing Things: The Art of Jim Woodring" opens this Saturday, March
24, with a reception for the artist from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. Hope you
can drop in, say hello to Jim, indulge in some liquid refreshment,
and see his lovely and sensuous new work. The show continues through
May 15 at 1201 S. Vale St., in the heart of Seattle’s lively
Georgetown district.
The store is open every day 11:30 to 8:00 PM, Sundays until 5:00 PM.
Phone 206.658.0110. See you soon.
Eric Reynolds
Fantagraphics Books
7563 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115 USA
(206) 524-1967 x218 tel.
(206) 524-2104 fax

Brides of March
Saturday, March 24th

The big day is drawing near, girls, and here is your itinerary at last!
Remember, schedules tend to be FLEXIBLE (just like your morals that night
in Bobby McAlister's '74 Chevelle). As always, you can try the bridal
hotline at 206-818-2495, or track us by dodgeball (which we've stopped
abusing, so it's safe to unblock us).

6pm Pacific Place
We kick off at Gordon Biersch to fill up on malted courage before our
annual pilgrimage to Victoria's Secret.

7:30 Board the Bus
That's right, it's our first ever Bridal Bus, the chauffered limousine
that will carry us into history. Be on time, girls - the bus leaves
promptly at 7:30!

9pm Fremont and Matrimony
This year's theme is Polygamy, as we marry Lenin, the Troll, and the
Rocket! Here's your best chance to catch us if you missed the bus.

10:30pm Sands Showgirls in Ballard
What night of marriage would be complete without erotic dancers?
??? A possible stop at China Harbor for dancing...
??? And finish up on Capitol Hill with a shopping spree at The Crypt, and
late night dancing at The Cuff!

And there you have it girls! See you on Saturday!
Bride Ivan

Springtide Greetings!
This Saturday night, March 24th, many will convene at the lovely Sandbox Studio for a potluck feast and an incredible slideshow. I doubt this gathering could be confused with anything other than Slideluck Potshow IX.
The theme of the slideshow is Family, the mood is festive, and the idea is simple: bring something delicious to eat, something nice to drink, and join us for an unforgettable evening. If you choose to come with little or nothing at all, please be prepared to make a generous donation.
We also ask that you and anyone you bring be attentive and engaged during what we consider to be our best slideshow ever. Below is a partial list of contributors:
Anna Bauer
Baldomero Fernandez
Christine Connor
Christoph Morlinghaus/ DW Photographers
Colby Katz
Dima Gavrysh
Don Cunningham
Douglas Abuelo
Elinor Carucci/ Edwynn Houk
Eric White
Guggenheim Foundation
Holly Lynton/ Jen Bekman
Jessica Dimmock
Jill Greenberg/ ClampArt
John Milisenda
Jonathan Tunick
Karen Gunderson/ ClampArt
Krisanne Johnson
Mark McCarty
Martin Betz
Martin Parr/ Magnum
Michael Christopher Brown
Noah Sheldon
Peter van Agtmael/ Polaris
Pierre St. Jacques
Rose & Olive
Sara Benincasa
Sarah A. Friedman
Simone Pierotti
Sven Jacobsen/ Monaco
The Burg
Tia Dunn/ Magnum
Timothy Fadek/ Polaris
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
Veras Images
Will Anderson
We hope to see your most resplendent self on Saturday night.



Hello Friends,
I'm incredibly happy to announce Savour The World
on March 24th at The EarthLIght building
1618 N Vancouver Ave, our new 20,000 sq/ft facility
(see attached photo). This is the second annual event
and represents the next evolution in collaboration
between City Repair and Burning Man.
Savour the World is also the launch party for City
Repair's new EarthLight project.
It will be an incredible night including visionary
speakers Larry Harvey and Mark Lakeman, as well as
incredible performances by:
This is a community collaborative event and we want
YOU to participate. We'll be having work parties this
weekend Saturday 3/17 and Sunday 3/18 from
10am - 10pm. Music, Beer and food provided to
volunteers. Contact Cindy
( for details.
We are also inviting artist to co-create this event
with us. Contact Claire (
for details.
This event will likely sell out so get your tickets
early. Come out and show Larry Harvey what the Portland
Burningman Community is all about.
The EarthLight building
1618 N Vancouver Ave, Portland, OR

BEFORE IT HITS HOME @ Rainier Valley Cultural Center
BROWNBOX announces two final performance dates for the award winning BEFORE IT HITS HOME by Cheryl West. Final performances will take place Saturday March 24 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday March 25 at 3:00 p.m. at Rainier Valley Cultural Center (3515 S. Alaska Street).

BEFORE IT HITS HOME follows the last few months in the life of Wendal Bailey, an African-American man in his early 30's. After nearly dying of AIDS, he comes home to his extended family for a festive evening that turns into a disaster. Shortly after this debacle, the only support and love he finds comes from an unexpected source - his previously stern, disapproving and homophobic father.

Tickets on sale now:
$15.00 general admission
$12.00 students, seniors and children 12 and under

For more information, contact Tyrone Brown at 206-264-1131.
For venue questions, contact Cindy Block of
Rainier Valley Cultural Center at 206-725-7517
Rainier Valley Cultural Center
3515 South Alaska Street
Seattle, WA 98118

The Hideout Turns Two
Greg writes:
I walked into the Hideout tonight just to have an afterwork drink. A quick one. I had lots to do. Lucia was having her 40th birthday party against the settee. She had a Calvados Cocktail, served up. It looked great. Wier Harman was to my left. An art history professor held court in the corner with fifteen or so of his students, talking shop, settled into the couches, drinks in hand. A girl read a book in the corner.

The room was dark. I sat down. Ordered a beer. Unlocked the submission box for the Vital 5 Review and flattened out the thirty or so pages of drawings and short stories. The top drawing is a great pen and ink by Rick Klu. The illustration shows a coin-operated electric chair. I settle into a beer and flip through the confessions, the late night thoughts. One page has the words- Someday someone may ask me... "Do you remember when it was now?"

The front door opens, an extremely large, bright orange unbrella, pokes its head in, slowly opens and spins clockwise. A man in an orange jumpsuit walks in. His face is painted orange, his hair is orange. He has orange feathers in his hair. His smile is wide. Ben Beres. No special occasion, really. A cute girl in black and white strips walks in behind him. It's costume, I think. She doesn't speak- is she a mime? No. Her smile is wide. It is happy hour.

An old friend walks in. Iggy Pop is on the jukebox. I order another beer. A man in a powder blue tuxedo walks in. Another couple. I don't know them. Jeff Scott, my business partner, walks in wearing the official Hideout soccer jersey. Game starts in a half hour. Who would have thought we'd have a soccer team?
Deborah, my girlfriend, sits in the corner. Celebrating with the birthday girl. Drinking Lillet Blanc. She's a slow sipper. It will take her an hour to finish it. She just finished the new hideout website ( and this one is on the house. This one and the next 300. Barter.

Our neighborhood old-timer Don walks in. Goodyear hat, leather jacket, sarcastic, honest, thrifty tipper. He's consistent. I hear a conversation about the landscape design at the Olympic Sculpture Park. I did not know that the plant life was organized by the rise in geography to reflect the vegetation between the ocean and the Olympic mountains. The girl reading her book leaves. Another couple walks in. Someone orders Thai food from next door. Joe and Sasha sit down at the bar. The fresh flowers are holding out.

I ask the bartender, Justin, for a spiral bound book containing the art and music at the Hideout. I grab a ball point pen and mark sold next to Scott Foldesi, next to Chris Vena. A vertical bar of light sneaks past the velvet curtain, red lights swirling. No disco party. The sirens of First Hill. Sympathy for The Devil plays over the speakers. I stand up, pat a few shoulders on my way out. I've been here for years, decades, minutes, for the very first time.

On March 24th, the Hideout turns two.
March 25th through the 30th we will cleans our livers, exercise, eat right, and scavenge a nice party outfit. We will breath deeply.
On Saturday March 31st, we will throw our anniversary party.
Please join up as we celebrate two very strange and exciting years on First Hill.
Oh. And look at the website, it really is quite nice.
Any questions or comments?
We'd love to hear from you.
Greg Lundgren
Greg Lundgren
C. 206.240.6365
M. POB 23385 Seattle, WA 98102

Tuesday, 3/27

Artreach Art Party
Hello Don Volcano--
I'm forwarding this event for next week. This is always a fun time and excellent opportunity to buy work from talented, local artists.
Artreach, a project of the Shunpike, requests your participation in our new show, Through the Looking Glass
Artreach is a non-profit arts organization that aims to increase demand for art among young professionals in King County by promoting approachable art. If you are looking for art that is affordable, available, and easy to accommodate at home, or you are interested in appreciating approachable art in a fun atmosphere of social festivity, please join us.

Announcing participating artists:
Aaron Jasinksi
Stephanie Lindsey
Peter Mark
Carolyn Polk
Kate Protage
Max Riggs
Chris Sheridan
It's going to be a great night!
The Artreach Seattle Crew
Artreach Seattle - Art Party
See Sound Lounge
115 Blanchard Street, Seattle, WA View Map
Tuesday, March 27, 7:00 pm

Thursday, 3/29

Movietalk with Robert Zverina

Since February 2003, Robert Zverina has shot tens of thousands of short films (1 - 30 seconds each) with a pocket digital camera. You might have seen some at galleries and clubs around town. Tonight he presents new and old work interspersed with autobiographical digressions and educational asides about the nuts and bolts of his process.
Thursday, March 29 2007 7 pm
$5 Henry members / $7 General
Henry Art Gallery

breakneck dance @ On the Boards
Hi Party V,
Thu - Sat | Mar 29 - 31 | 8pm come check out 2 of Vancouver's hottest
new choreographers in the Dance Split Bill at On the Boards. We've been
looking forward to this show all year. Here are the details:
The Split Bill is an evening of highly physical dance featuring US
premieres by 2 of Vancouver BC's most promising choreographers:
CRYSTAL PITE (a former William Forsythe dancer - and the woman with the
space helmet on our brochure cover), and DAY HELESIC (a dancer with
Vancouver's innovative Holy Body Tattoo.)
PITE combines breakneck, technically adept choreography with the high
camp of science fiction in her acclaimed duet "Farther Out."
HELESIC brings a group piece "SURGE" packed with explosive physicality
and sensuality.
Opening night we're having a little party for the 2 companies down at
the Sitting Room after the show.
$18 general | $12 student | $12 opening night RUSH.
Info & tickets @ | 206.217.9888
On the Boards | 100 West Roy Street (Lower Queen Anne)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Events from 3/16 to 3/22/2007

Not the busiest week. But not too bad either. I am seeing some interesting events for next week. So hang in there.
This week I'll throw in a Cold Lava Report, which midway turns into a story about Dr. Mengele's "poop situation".

Friday, 3/16
7:00 PM Aaina - South Asian Women's Film Festival
8:00 PM Erotic Art Festival
9:00 PM Erin Artifakt show in the Underground

Saturday, 3/17
6:00 PM Art Opening at Crawl Space Gallery
7:15 PM Seattle Jewish Film Festival

Thursday, 3/22
7:00 PM Projections: The Fillip Review @ The Henry

Friday, 3/16

Aaina - South Asian Women's Film Festival
Tasveer and Chaya present
Aaina - South Asian Women's Film Festival
Featuring the South Asian Vagina Monologues
March 16-17-18

In honor of International Women's Month, Chaya and Tasveer have teamed up to bring you the Aaina Film Festival, which will be held in Seattle, Washington, March 16-18, 2007. Aaina focuses on the lives of South Asian women, both in the United States and abroad. This is Aaina's 2nd year and highlights include the premiere of "Yoni ki Baat" - the South Asian vagina monologues, visiting filmmaker and activist Shonali Bose, and Nepalese dancer and filmmaker Sangita Shresthova. Join us for a weekend of honoring South Asian women during the International Women's Month of March.
All the events and screenings will happen at the beautiful Central Cinema located at 1411 21st Ave, Seattle WA 98122.
There is a suggested donation payable at the door for each event/showing:
Opening night: $5 ($8 for both events)
Daytime shows: $5
Evening(after 6pm) shows: $7
Hope to see you there!
Central Cinema,
1411 21st Ave, Seattle WA 98122.

Erotic Art Festival

From Gopi:
Erotic Art Festival
When: 8pm
Where: Fenix Performance Arts Theater
1700 1st Ave S, Seattle WA
Art Noir Costume Gala $15 advance / $20 door
Friday March 16 8pm-2am
Awards given to the sultriest to grace the Great Hall.Cash bar and restaurant will be open all night.21+ plus Photo ID required
Fenix, 1700 1st Ave S, Seattle WA

Erin Artifakt show in the Underground
Hi all,

I'm showing my work at the Artifakt exhibition and Top Model Show this Friday in the lower level of the Howard Bulson Building, next to Doc Maynards, in Pioneer Square. This promises to be a kick-ass party, complete with live body painting, DJ's, Full Bar and some of Seattle's best subversive/beautiful/slightly plesantly disturbing art. I'm the only she who will be showing for this event and I would love to have a harangue of fabulous people invade the place. The event last month gathered 3-400 people and they have a live Top Model search--I know how y'all love top model searches....The space is rad and creepy--it's part of the underground tour and my work will be in the hallway leading to the cold room with the semi-dirt floor and boarded up windows....ooooohhhh.....
xoxoxoxox--Erin Hilleary

Saturday, 3/17

Art Opening at Crawl Space Gallery
From Gopi:
Art Opening at Crawl Space Gallery
Crawl Space member artist Ori Ornstein is pleased to present
Symbiosis, an exhibition of his new work studying the relationship of
light and motion of video versus that of traditional oil painting. By
pairing the two mediums in single works and positioning the two
physically for dialogue, Ornstein heightens their contrasting
luminance and representations of time. In these works, the mediums of
painting and video form a symbiotic relationship, able to describe
more fully an image or experience.
When: 6-9pm

Seattle Jewish Film Festival
12th Annual Seattle Jewish Film Festival runs March 17-25. Festival to feature strong documentaries and breakthrough Israeli films. Opening night film stars Scott Cohen and Judd Hirsch to attend.

Chop Suey & Present
Tim Seely
Korby Lenker
At The Spine
*St Patty's Day Drink Specials All Night Long!
$10 adv.
21 & over
9pm doors
Chop Suey.

Thursday, 3/22

Projections: The Fillip Review @ The Henry
Projections: The Fillip Review - Thursday, March 22, 7PM
Henry Members FREE / $5 General
Fillip 4, courtesy The Fillip Review
Art criticism has played a significant role in the development of Vancouver’s internationally recognized contemporary art scene. Join Fillip editors and guest artists as they present a brief history of independent contemporary art periodicals in Vancouver. This discussion will offer a glimpse into the art scene as it relates to local responses to global art criticism and independent magazine and broadsheet publishing while also addressing the present state and possible future of contemporary art publications in cities outside of the traditional art capitals.
Guest participants:
Jonathan Middleton (Publisher) presents a brief history of Vancouver art periodicals.
Kristina Lee Podesva (Assistant Editor) takes a look at independent art magazines and journals in the new century
Jordan Strom (Editor) talks about the concept and history of The Fillip Review
Antonia Hirsch (Artist) presents on Vancouver artists as critics
Henry Art Gallery

Cold Lava Report

Chris's Farewell Party @ Gopi's (3/10/2007)

I eventually ran into Chris at the kitchen where he asked me:
"Are you still writing that Party Volcano thing?".
I responded: "Of course - and as you know: it's all about the snacks!"
Chris knew that he didn't have to fear any PV downgrades. Let me tell you those snacks were fantastic. Five stars! Indian dishes, yummy salads, lamb with tzatziki, and more. The party got moved to Gopi's lovely house last minute after some rumors were circulating about Barca not being a kosher place anymore. That was a wise choice.

At around 11pm a belly dancer showed up and gave a special performance with semi-embarrassing "audience participation". Although I did like Gopi's little dance and Chris was charming as always.

A little bit later Wazhma showed up. She had just missed the belly dancer and asked me about the "poop situation". I had told her that our dog Joe has this new spleen we need to untrain. Joe only wants to poop at selected spots in our backyard when nobody is watching him. Since we would like him to do his business on his walk - preferably in public - I (as the alpha dog) decided to revoke his backyard pooping rights.

My first strategy was straight forward: We won't let him out in the backyard until he would have to relieve himself on one of his walks he loves so much. What goes in eventually has to come out. That idea failed miserably because Joe gets so excited on his walks that he forgets to poop. Once he is inside the house he realized that he forgot something and started whining. Madeline (my lovely girlfriend) spent a whole day taking him on short walks when he was howling because of the pain of his bowel movements. Then she gave up.

But I didn't and I made it my goal for that weekend to teach Joe a lesson. By the end of this weekend Joe would proudly poop on every neighbor's lawn if I told him so. That was the plan. My girlfriend was skeptical and afraid of the harm I would do to our dog. By the time we met Wazhma at Gopi's she already had a new nickname for me: Dr. Mengele.

Well, to make a long story short: Joe won and he still poops in the backyard. But we will try a new trick we leaned from Wazhma. She recommended spraying water with Cayenne pepper onto the areas we don't want him to use as the restroom. It has worked perfectly for the little tree in front of Retail Therapy.

Let me wrap up my Cold Lava Report. It was a great party, food was fantastic, we saw a belly dancer, and I learned something about life: A Dog is a Dog is a Dog.

Chris we will miss you (and the yummy dishes too)!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Events from 3/9 to 3/15/2007

Thanks a lot for your Happy Birthday emails!

I've got some interesting events this week: Wissam's Music Without Borders, Mamafest 2007, Seattle Bot Battles, Red Gorilla Music Fest in Austin, TX. But my favorite is probably RIVET Magazine Release Party at The Hideout on Thu. My least favorite is "An Intimate Spectacle".

Friday, 3/9
6:00 PM "The Unraveling" @ BLVD Gallery
6:00 PM Luis Sanchez, Lizz Lopez @ Roq La Rue Gallery
8:00 PM Seattle Notables Costume Party
8:00 PM? "An Intimate Spectacle" @ The Little Red Studio
9:30 PM Music Without Borders

Saturday, 3/10
Noon Seattle Bot Battles 5 @ Seattle Center
6:00 PM Filthy Beasts @ Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery
9:00 PM 4 Seasons @ Neumos
10:30 PM Brian Zentz & Codebase @ Krakt

Sunday, 3/11
8:15 AM Mamafest 2007

Wednesday 3/14
1:00 PM Red Gorilla Music Fest in Austin, TX
7:00 PM Monument Recall: Public Memory and Public Spaces
7:00 PM? Pubmixer at Stix.

Thursday, 3/15
Noon TIG Event at Lovejoy's in downtown Austin
7:00 PM A Night of Cheap Wine and Poetry @ Richard Hugo House
8:00 PM RIVET Magazine Release Party at The Hideout

Friday, 3/9

"The Unraveling" @ BLVD Gallery

BLVD Gallery is proud to present “ The Unraveling”, a show of new
works by internationally acclaimed stencil artist Logan Hicks. Known
for his hyper-detailed, meticulously hand cut stencils, Logan has
rocketed to the top ranks of his field with his borderline obsessive
approach to creating stencils. This labor intensive medium involves
cutting a separate stencil for each color, then layering each color
upon the next until the piece emerge. This technique can take hundreds
of hous to complete one piece. There is a consistent feel that
underlies Logans work. Each piece is an exercise in finding order in
chaos, and seeing beauty in the otherwise mundane. Logan’s
monochromatic work seems to slice time itself and freeze it on the
canvas. Art critic Felicia Fester observed “ Forget traditional
landscapes. Hick’s haunting black and silver images wrest noir beauty
from unexpected inner city locales". Logan’s work has been featured in
the Urban art documentary “The Run Up” as well as used by corporations
such as K-Swiss, Disney, Red Bull, and others to give their advertising
an urban feel.

BLVD Gallery presents
The Unraveling
New works by Logan Hicks
March 9 – April 7, 2007
Opening Reception March 9, 6p-10p
BLVD Gallery 2316 2nd ave Seattle Wa 98121

For more info about the artist:
Run Up Teaser-
Cutting stencil-
Spraying stencil-

Luis Sanchez, Lizz Lopez @ Roq La Rue Gallery

Roq La Rue Gallery

Luis Sanchez
Lizz Lopez
New paintings

Opens Friday March 9th 6-9pm
Runs through April 7th

Roq la Rue is pleased to present the work of two Southern California artists, Luis Sanchez and Lizz Lopez.

Luis Sanchez has returned to Seattle after moving to Los Angeles in 2002, and Roq La Rue is proud to display his new works in the city where he began his successful career. This show is a collection of work focusing on archetypal representations of the struggle between life and death. By integrating fresco, dry pigments, and acrylics Luis provides a method of painting on canvas, which is both unique and timeless. This technique gives one the feeling of peering through an external wall into the theatrical world of burlesque dancers, magicians, carnival performers, and anthropomorphic tricksters. This voyeurism is often reciprocated with a suggestive intensity, each painting's personae challenging the viewer either implicitly or with a direct stare. The characters and symbolism of the paintings coerce the viewer to shed their ego, and let go of expectations and assumptions affecting the most important aspects of life.

Lizz Lopez lives a life full of duality that is reflected in her art. A registered nurse by day, Lizz has worked in both hospice as well as critical care wards. At night, she lives in an artist’s community building, where amongst creativity is also the attendant ills such as addiction. These almost contradictory lifestyles Lizz juggles, and uses as a catalyst in her work. In this series the icon of the nurse reigns supreme. Portrayed in both an angelic and a devious light, these characters portray the conflicting emotions in dealing with human vulnerabilities. Mixed in the paintings are also images of blood, tattoo-like scripted text and flourishes, and allusions to nature, such as antler headpieces some of the subjects wear.

Roq la Rue 2312 2nd Ave Seattle WA 98121 (206)374-8977
See the show preview online!
Lizz Lopez:
Luis Sanchez :

Seattle Notables Costume Party

From Gopi:

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! McLeod Residence invites you to celebrate your favorite local notable by dressing up! Wanted: Tom Skerritt, Juan aka Frye Apartment Guy, Dale Chihuly, Slats aka The Original Hipster, Mayor Greg Nickels, DeeDee Rainbow, John in the Morning, Governor Christine Gregoire, Artis the Spoonman, Greg Lundgren, Buster McLeod, Sunny Kobe Cook, Ben Lashes aka Mr. Belts, Ade, The Cowboys aka The 49ers, Reggie Watts, Nancy Wilson, Tyhooke, Dan Savage, Trainwreck aka Trickiniqua aka Heyyyy, Cameron Crowe, Nancy Pearl, Stone Gossard, The Button-wearing Bus Expert, Skerik, Sean Nelson, Baby Gramps, Paul Allen, Linda Derschang, Jamaican Flag Cape Runner, John Curley, Ichiro, Dave Matthews, Guy with Two Bulldogs, Regina Hackett, Dina Martina, Real World Danny, Sherman Alexie, Congressman Jim McDermott, Link the Zelda Hunter aka Elf Boy, Mark Arm, Rob Thielke aka Honk for Fonk, Ben Gibbard, Jack Benaroya, Paul Rucker, Adam Arkin, Tom Robbins, Howard Schultz, Korby Lenker, Jackie Hell, Three Imaginary Girls, Steve Pool, James Brown Santa, Greg Kucera, DJ Riz, Dave Bazan, Jeff Bezos, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Charles Mudede, The Nordstrom Family, Anne Gould Hauberg, Chocha Fresca, Chris Cornell, Sally Brock, Lele McLeod, Ballsport players, Krist Novaselic, Chris Weber, Kenny G, Mariner Moose, Fay Jones, DJ Trent Von, The Big Kahuna, Matthew Kangas, Peter Buck, The Moneytree Caterpillar, Mimi Gates, Sonics Squatch, Ben Exworthy, Pike Market Piano Guy, SuttonBeresCuller, Bill Frisell, Bartender Murray Stenson, Geisha Starr, Bill Nye, Jen Graves, Tom Douglas, Cardboard Cutout Air Guitar Guy, John Keister, Rat City Rollergirls, Pet Squirrel Guy, Maggie McLeod, Christopher Frizzelle, Emery Carl, Gene Juarez, Giant Ave Baby, Scott Lawrimore, Seattle Center Tuba Player, Robyn Hitchcock, Michael Winters, Fankick, The Crescent's "Star", Ken Schram, Jetpack McLeod, Bill Gates, Your Favorite Notable... Every time we mention this we remember a couple other notables... so feel free to reminisce a while and find that notable that has meaning to you. Prizes will be awarded to the best costume. Make your notable proud! Costumes are required!! Costume Contest judged by The Lashes!Tickets can be purchased HERE. Drink tickets are included with admission.

"An Intimate Spectacle" @ The Little Red Studio

I have to say this looks lame.

Distilled from classic Little Red Studio events, this show will bring you some of the best and brightest from our performances: Aerial acts, performance yoga, music, poetry, and dance will all be presented in a non-stop format. Join us as we create a comfortable, theatrical atmosphere where you can sit back and relax as our performers seduce, stimulate, and (of course), entertain you.

Music Without Borders


Long time no see,

You are invited to "Music Without Borders", a multidimensional, internationally-inspired, power-packed evening on Friday, March 9th, 2007. Put on your dancing shoes and leave your passport at home while top DJs take you on a musical journey to the streets of Cairo, Rio and Dakar. Here is the line up:

- DJ Nima
- DJ Anup
- The Muse
- DJ JAG (The Architect)

We are also excited to feature the explosive Seattle performance group Salsa Salvaje. They are known for their high-energy style and will perform during the night.

Drink specials from Lo-Fi's eclectic menu will be served all night, so you can drink, dance and mingle in the spacious gallery with a great view. $10 Cover. Dress to impress. 21+. Doors open at 9:30PM.

Check out music mixes, Salsa Salvaje short videos and more at

Hope you can make it,


Lo Fi Performance Gallery
429 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA

Saturday, 3/10

Seattle Bot Battles 5 @ Seattle Center

Our own C.D.O. Andrew writes:

Geek Alert!

I'm going to be in Thailand, so I'll sadly miss this. Dang! I think it would actually be kind of interesting and fun. Plus think of all the hot chicks that will DEFINITELY be in attendance. I mean what could be sexier than a robot competition???

Here are some details:

Location: Seattle Center, Center House
Date: March 10th, 2007
Event Time: 12pm - 5:00pm
Safety Inspection: 10:30am-11:30am. If a lot of robots register, we may start safety and fights earlier.
Weight Classes: 3lb Open, 12lb Open and NEW 12lb Sportsman. Registration is capped at 16 machines for each weight class.
Format: Double Elimination or Round Robin (RFL Rules)
Restriction: NO ICE or open flames.
Entry Fee: $40 for first 12lb robot. $25 for First 3lb robot. Additional robots are half price. Entry fee discount for helping arena setup and take-down. Special entry fee considerations for builders who are under 18.
Arena: 12'x12', no hazards,1 push-out likely. Push-out will have at least a 3/8" lip around it to make accidental driving into it difficult.

March 10, 2007 at the Seattle Center:
Seattle Bot Battles 5

Filthy Beasts @ Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery

Hey folks, hope you can make it out to the DT's record release party
at our store this weekend (details below). It WILL rock, leave no
doubt. And it's free. Free rock. Rock free!


Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery and Georgetown Records Present
“Filthy Beasts,” featuring music by the DT’s and art by Jim Blanchard
on March 10.

Please join us on Saturday, March 10 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM as
Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, in association with Georgetown
Records, host an evening of fine art and raucous rock n roll. “Filthy
Beasts” combines the CD release of the DT’s “Filthy Habits” recording
on the Get Hip label with an exhibition and signing of Jim
Blanchard’s “Beasts and Priests” title on Seattle’s Fantagraphics
Books imprint. This festive event is free to the public of all ages.
Georgetown Records and Fantagraphics Bookstore are located at 1201 S.
Vale. St., at the corner of S. Vale and Airport Way S. in the heart
of the Seattle’s historic Georgetown district.

The Bellingham-based DT’s seamlessly blend elements of hard soul,
garage rock and raw punk to create an energetic and accessible sound.
The team of Johnny Sangster and Jack Endino, two of the primary
architects of the ubiquitous “Seattle Sound” of the 1990s, produced
“Filthy Habits.” This is the DT’s second long player on Get Hip. DT’s
guitarist Dave Crider is the proprietor of the Estrus record label,
who together with renowned graphic designer Art Chantry created a
collection of stunning garage-influenced LPs throughout the past
decade. Chantry contributed the introduction to Blanchard’s “Beasts
and Priests” book, and designed an exquisite poster for this event.
The DT’s will perform material from their new release, which will be
available on both CD and vinyl.

Jim Blanchard, whose lovely wife Diana is the DT’s vocalist, has punk
rock credentials that date back to the early 80s, when he self-
published the influential fanzine “Blatch.” He has since contributed
finely crafted illustrations to countless books and magazines, in
addition to several comic books and related works published by
Fantagraphics Books, including “Bad Meat,” “Glam Warp,” “Trucker Fags
in Denial,” and most recently “Beasts and Priests.” His meticulously
rendered portraits of famous and infamous American pop culture
personalities are infused with both dramatic reverence and ironic
curiosity. Chantry concludes his preface to “Beasts and Priests” with
the declaration, ”Jim Blanchard is a master.” The exhibition of
Blanchard’s original artwork from “Beasts and Priests” continues
through March 21 at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery.

A selection of imagery in a variety of formats is available for
publication. For additional information on the DT’s, please visit: More information on Jim Blanchard can be
found at: To arrange interviews with the
artists, feel free to contact Larry Reid, Fantagraphics Bookstore
Curator and Events Coordinator, at the numbers above.

“Filthy Beasts” DT’s music performance and Jim Blanchard art exhibition.

Saturday, March 10, 6:00 – 8:00 PM.
All ages. Free admission.
Exhibition continues through March 21, 2007.

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery/Georgetown Records
1201 S. Vale St. (at Airport Way S.)
Store Hours: Monday – Saturday, 11:30 to 8:00 PM, Sunday 11:30 to
5:00 PM.

4 Seasons @ Neumos

Hi, Don. Thanks to you far below so you don’t have to wade through it here. Hope we make your cut this week. :-)

We’re ready for our show “4 Seasons” this Saturday March 10th @ Neumos. Finished up our dress/tech rehearsal tues night and *wow*. Seeing the light show, the dancers on stage with sequenced lighting interacting with the video projected on them, and more was amazing. That and the music lineup make this the show for Saturday night.

--Dale (aka that’s subscribed to your distrib list for years)

4 Seasons @ Neumos

DJs and dancing with a collaboration of choreography, light, and video to experience the changing moods, sights, and sounds of the 4 Seasons.

Presented by Social Living Productions

We've stepped it up again (after our last show Tokyo 2025) to bring you talented performers and an environment to immerse you into the 4 Seasons. Starting at 9pm we will start with summer, then fall, and by the time the lights come on it will be spring. The performers, music, lights, and video will all change their look, mood, and sound to match the season.

Don’t wait until the witching hour to come out or you’ll miss half the show; major performances. Check out our blog at to see pictures and several sneak peak videos.

Neumos is at 925 East Pike St. (21+) with admission of $10. Tickets ahead at

--- Line Up ---

9:00 **A Wizard and the Muze
10:30 1st dance performance by **Kristin Von Claret, then
**The Seedling Escape
12:00 2nd dance performance, then
**Lee Coombs
** With this show, don't wait until the witching
hour or you'll miss major performances.

4 Seasons
Saturday, 10 March
9pm-2am, 21+, $10
@ Neumos, 925 E. Pike St. , Seattle , WA

Brian Zentz & Codebase @ Krakt

This Saturday we have Brian Zentz and Codebase at Krakt.

Brian Zentz has been playing and producing techno & tech-house for many years, but rarely comes through Seattle. Originally from Virginia, he’s been releasing warehouse bangers under the name Brian Zentz and tech-house stompers under the names Barada since 1994.

Codebase is Seattle’s hometown hero Tom Butcher. He’ll be performing a live pa in support of his newly released album “Stuck In Time.”

It’ll be a good night for sure, hope to see you all out!

Date: Saturday March 10th
Cover: $10
Location: Re-Bar
Address: 1114 Howell St, Seattle
Age: 21+
Attitude: Party!

Brian Zentz 12:30-2am
Codebase: 11:30-12:30
Kristina Childs: 10:30-11:30

Sunday, 3/11

Mamafest 2007

I think will be at Stevens Pass. But I am not sure.

So you know the date (Sunday the 11th), you know the place (Summit West), and you know the time (all day long). What else is going on at Mamafest? There will be demos by K2, Ride, Burton, Salomon, Gnu, Arbor, Rossignol, and Nitro as well as other vendors - some to even hand out free stuff - like The End, QuestKids, Snowboard Connection, Rack N Road, Sessions, Roxy plus others. There will be a HUGE Mamafest tent with all the information you ever would need to know about breast cancer, and what you can do to protect yourself!

LIVE music by Macklemore, Peter Parker and BoyCrush plus Dj Riznik and DJ NoName from 107.7 The End.

There will also be a HUGE raffle with tons of prizes, pro Riders hanging out, a small jib park down at the base area, and just a ton of fun stuff. Did we mention that Mamafest is free to attend? Of course your lift ticket is not included, but if you want to hang out, it's totally free!


Hey y' Mamafest this Sunday, make sure you come by and check out the slopestyle competition at Summit West open to skiers and boarders of all ages. There will be a couple of big booters and some rails and boxes. Check it out, or register to compete at the Timberwolfe lodge. Celebrity judges will be there! Registration is open at 8:30 to 9:45. Absolutely no late registrations. Download a form to pre register here:


It's not too late to raise money for the pledge drive sponsored by Ride Snowboards. Just download a form at and hand in your money the day of or mail it in. Anyone who raises $100 gets a mama sweatshirt. The top 3 fundraisers get a brand spankin new snowboard! SWEEET!


8:15 - Competition Registration
9:00 - Demos Start
10:30 - DJ Riznik spinning
10:30 to 3:00 - Competition
12:30 - Peter Parker
1:30 - BoyCrush
2:00 - Raffle and Pledge Drive winners
2:30 - Mackelmore
3:00 - Second Raffle
3:30 - Awards Ceremony

***all times may change due to scheduling conflicts, delays, broken shoelaces, stubbed toes, or other various things.

4811 SW Stevens
Seattle, wa 98116
Our telephone:
Summit West

Wednesday 3/14

Red Gorilla Music Fest in Austin, TX

RedGorilla Music Fest is held in Austin, Texas, on March 14-17, 2007. Launched four years ago as the DreamScapers Artist Showcase, the event has grown each year under that name. This year, the event has a new name - RedGorilla Music Fest - and has also partnered with the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) to produce an event that promotes up-and-coming independent music in all genres and to help independent artists further their careers.

Approximately 150 bands and solo artists will participate in shows in venues on 6th Street in Austin. RedGorilla showcases will take place from Wednesday, March 14 to Saturday, March 17 in clubs on 6th Street, right in the heart of all the action. The event continues to be a "No Badge Required" event. It is free to attend and is open to the general public. RedGorilla Music Fest takes place during one of the most important music weeks in the year. This is the music industry's premier destination for the year, where thousands of fans and music industry professionals descend upon Austin to network and check out new talent at the various music festivals around town. RedGorilla Music Fest offers showcase slots to bands and solo artists so that they can take advantage of this excellent opportunity. RedGorilla Music Fest is all about showcasing and making it the best experience possible for the artist and the audience.

RedGorilla Music Fest is not affiliated in any way with SXSW or South By Southwest, Inc.

Monument Recall: Public Memory and Public Spaces

Hi Party Volcano,

On Wednesday 14 March, check out the Independent Exposure screening at the Central Cinema. The month’s program is called "Monument Recall: Public Memory and Public Spaces" The program is sort of a dialogue between monuments and people’s memory. For example: one movie is about skyscrapers, another about the quest to build the world's largest rubber ball.

We’re also running a new short as part of our LOCAL SPOTLIGHT by Matt Wilkins called "Descent of the Grand Canyon in 5 Minutes". This will be the debut of this short

Monument Recall: Public Memory and Public Spaces

Independent Exposure
Central Cinema
1411 21st Avenue (21st & Union )
14 March 2007 @ 7pm & 9pm | $5

More details:

Pubmixer at Stix.

From John's party update:

Pubmixer is a highly successfull singles gathering run by Andrea of Space City Mixer. She is capable of keeping you busy every day for the rest of your life with her events.
Pubmixer is a free gathering of relatively normal single people at what usually turns out to be a croweded high end bar space in Seattle. The nice thing about a Pubmixer event is that the people there actually WANT to talk to you.

Subscribe to John's party update:

Thursday, 3/15

TIG Event at Lovejoy's in downtown Austin

Howdy, imaginary friends!

Indie-pop HootenannyHold onto yer cowboy hat and grab yer imaginary pardner, doh-se-doh! It's almost time for a SXSW Indie-pop Hootenanny!

Three Imaginary Girls is pleased as punch to announce our first-ever showcase at SXSW in Austin, Texas, with co-sponsors Magic Marker Records, Music Nation, and KOOP 91.7FM. The event will take place at Lovejoy's in downtown Austin on Thursday, March 15, 2007, from 12-6p. The show is free to the public, with free beer (while supplies last), and delightful live music from an international line-up of pop superstar bands:

* 12p: The Zebras (Brisbane, Australia)
* 1p: The Manhattan Love Suicides (Leeds, UK)
* 2p: BOAT (Seattle, WA)
* 3p: Tullycraft (Seattle, WA)
* 4p: The Faintest Ideas (Gothenburg, Sweden)
* 5p: Palomar (Brooklyn, NY)

Are you headed down to Austin for the SXSW festivities too? Three Imaginary Girls would love to meet ya'll in real life... and would love to raise a beer or two (or six) to our Northwest pals too. Please stop by! C'mon by now and say hi to your imaginary friends!

It's all so exciting, isn't it? Visit the imaginary SXSW page for all kindsa of goodies like mp3s, a SXSW podcast, a SXSW scheduling spreadsheet and even a SXSW survival packet.


The Zebras
Blending Teenage Fanclub soft guitar jangles and Go Betweens modesty, The Zebras make their Aussie brethren proud with sunny harmonies and sweet vocals for the simple pop purist in each of us.
Label: Lost & Lonesome

Seattle's lo-fi troubadours celebrate their DIY ethic with smart, catchy songs and –- if we're lucky -– toy instrument play-alongs.
Label: Magic Marker Records

The Manhattan Love Suicides
This Leeds foursome's fuzzed-out dream-pop recalls not only JAMC, but also the willowy female vocals of C86 alumni, the Shop Assistants.
Label: Magic Marker Records

Tullycraft has secured a firm place in the hearts of indie-popsters everywhere with their delectable pop songs of awkward emotion and clever adorability. The band is in the midst of recording their new album so the usual critically acclaimed “Twee as Fuck” shtick will be peppered with brand new hook-laden songs (due for mid-2007 release).
Label: Magic Marker Records

The Faintest Ideas
The Faintest Ideas' album whizzes by in less than 30 minutes, all crashing guitars and knocked-over drums, like Swedes doing their best impression of Wedding Present and Boyracer.
Label: Magic Marker Records

Palomar is a three-lady and one man outfit that hails from Brooklyn. They are part Fastbacks, part Talulah Gosh, and will charm you with girl-next-door coyness.
Label: Misra Records


A Night of Cheap Wine and Poetry @ Richard Hugo House

Elizabeth Austen and David Schmader-two of Seattle's most
notable literati-will read at "A Night of Cheap Wine and Poetry" on Thurs.,
March 15, 2007, from 7-10 p.m. at Richard Hugo House.

Admission is FREE. Wine will be served for $1 per glass. Though admission is
free, donations are encouraged to help support the reading series and
publication. Open mic sign-up is at the door.


Elizabeth Austen's commentaries on Pacific Northwest poetry readings can be
heard every Monday at 2 p.m. on "The Beat" on KUOW, 94.9, public radio. She
is the 2006 Poetry Roadshow poet and teaches regularly at Richard Hugo
House. Her poems have appeared in journals including the Bellingham Review,
Swivel, the Seattle Review and Switched-on Gutenberg. Her audio CD, skin
prayers, is available at

Brian Cordell writes and lives in Irving, TX. In addition to writing, he is
the editor of the online journal, Brian also teaches at North
Lake Community College and writes a student advice column in the Beijing
newspaper, English Weekly. His poems have most recently appeared in "when it
rains from the ground up." Brian can be reached at

Keri Healey is a playwright, director, and actor living in Seattle. Her most
recent work includes several plays. She is also the author of a collection
of short stories entitled Jealous of Boys. In 2002 and 2006 she was a
writer-in-residence at the Espy Foundation. In 2004, she was chosen by
Seattle Dramatists as one of its five inaugural Principal Playwrights. In
2005, she was selected by The Stranger as "One to Watch" in their annual
Genius Awards issue.

Rebecca Loudon lives and writes in Seattle. She is the author of two
collections of poetry, Tarantella (Ravenna Press, 2004) and Radish King
(Ravenna Press, 2006) and a chapbook, Navigate, Amelia Earhart's Letters
Home (No Tell Books, 2007.)

David Schmader is the author of the solo plays Straight and Letter to Axl,
which he's performed in Seattle and across the U.S. He's also an associate
editor of The Stranger, the Seattle newsweekly for which he's written the
pop culture-and-politics column "Last Days" since 1998.


"A Night of Cheap Wine and Poetry" occurs semi-regularly at Richard Hugo
House. By offering free admission and cheap wine, the series welcomes
starving artists, art lovers, and anyone who enjoys a good time.

WHAT: "A Night of Cheap Wine and Poetry"
Local Literati Elizabeth Austen and David Schmader to read at Seattle's
biggest, coolest, hippest reading series

WHEN: Thurs., March 15, 2007; 7-10 p.m.
WHERE: Richard Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122
WINE: $1/glass

RIVET Magazine Release Party at The Hideout

Hey there,

I thought I'd let you know about RIVET Magazine's newest issue, The Secret Issue, which will be released next Thursday at The Hideout. This issue features writing and art by LA's Benjamin Hurvitz, New York's Meghan Petras, as well as Seattle's very own Anne Mathern, Kristen Ramirez, Jennifer Zeyl and Leah Baltus.

See below for more information, and please let me know if you have any questions.
-Katie Gilliam

What's our secret? Wouldn't you like to know.

RIVET releases The Secret Issue at The Hideout

On Thursday, Mar. 15, RIVET will debut The Secret Issue, a collection of dark spots and mysteries featuring new writing and art by LA's Benjamin Hurvitz, New York's Meghan Petras, as well as Seattle's very own Anne Mathern, Kristen Ramirez, Jennifer Zeyl and Leah Baltus. The issue's release party — held, apropos, at The Hideout — will also introduce an interactive confession booth by Jason Puccinelli. The Secret Issue marks RIVET's 18th publication since its launch in late 2001.

RIVET is a panoramic magazine that uses a theme each issue to connect ideas and capture our culture. An independent quarterly, RIVET presents new work in nonfiction, fiction, poetry, photography and graphic art. The magazine began as a 12-page photocopied zine with an initial investment of a $150. Since then, it has become a full-blown self-sustaining magazine, giving more than 220 writers and artists a way to be heard. RIVET is based in Seattle and distributed to nearly 6,000 print readers nationwide.

On Thursday, Mar. 22, RIVET will also travel to Brooklyn's Union Hall to celebrate The Secret Issue with contributors and readers in New York.

What Release party for The Secret Issue
When Thursday, Mar. 15 at 8 p.m.
Where The Hideout, 1005 Boren Avenue, Seattle
Cost Free admission, $5 magazines, $22 subscriptions, cash bar